Welcome to A Writer’s POV. If someone had told me that writing a novel would cause me to loose sleep, gain weight, snap at my husband, pull my hair out, (literally and figuratively) and kick the dog, if I had one, I never would have put pen to paper. But as they say, ignorance is bliss, and I plunged in and began writing my book with the na├»ve expectation that I’d be finished in a year. Needless to say, five years and seven drafts later, I’m still on my quest for the Holy Grail, a published novel. Although frustrating, I spent that time growing as a writer. Every rewrite, revision and critique taught me something. Every book I read or workshop I attended offered new insights and ways to improve my craft. My goal with this blog is to share with you what I've learned so far. To talk about issues that plague all writers, to talk about the nuts and bolts of writing. Despite the fact that it's all been said before, each of us has our own way of telling a story and hopefully you'll visit often for help, support or just for the fun of it to read the posts written from this writer's point of view.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Rose By Any Other Name

Writing is freedom. Freedom to share your thoughts, make up situations, places, entire worlds. I even enjoy research, but it's too easy to get carried away with that online and I have to rein myself in often and get back to the job at hand, writing my novel. But what really gives me the chance to have fun with my work is naming my characters.

Sometimes I borrow the name of a family member if they have similar characteristics to help me determine how they will speak and act throughout my story. Sometimes it's those traits that inspire a name. For example; I might give a character the name "Gabby" if she talks a lot or "Malefemina" (Italian for bad woman) if she's the villain or Walter because of a shy manner and imaginary anal retentive personality. And there are times in a very personal way that I use the name of a loved one who has passed making them live again in my mind and honor their memory.

It's sort of like playing a game alone with no established rules but the ones you make up on the fly. The best part is that whatever reason or method you use to name your characters, if it works your story will be enhanced by memorable personalities that shine and you've done your job as a writer.